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Positive Affirmations

Sometimes I'm riddled with self-doubt. I think it's pretty normal to have these feelings, even as a successful entrepreneur. But, still, I don't like them because the negativity has a way of growing in my mind and can easily grow out of control.

Recently, I decided to do something I'd never done before -- order a positive affirmation card set. I don't even know why I did it... maybe too much free time on my hands? Perhaps I had a little extra cash on hand that was burning a hole in my pocket? Either way, I bought these cards from Amazon because I thought it would be a positive daily reminder for me.

They've been so much fun! Really! I switch the card every morning upon starting my day. I've really enjoyed reading each affirmation and sharing some of them with the Destinations by Design team. (My children even enjoy them, and often volunteer to switch the cards for me.)

Today was the best one yet! "Trust Your Crazy Ideas."

I think this speaks to the entrepreneur in all of us. If we don't trust ourselves and stop the self doubt, how will we be successful?

Don't let others control your dreams. Make a plan and RUN WITH IT! Share it with the people in your life who support and encourage you. Never give up.

Your crazy ideas will become a reality through your hard work and commitment. Practice daily affirmations if you think it will help. Find a "mastermind" group to share ideas, brainstorm, and offer ongoing support. Believe in yourself and find a mentor to help you make it happen. Don't quit. And, most of all, trust your crazy ideas.

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